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Total: 83 Mac applications
parallels desktop

Parallels Desktop

The best emulator for operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Chrome OS). The program includes Crystal mode, which allows Mac OS and Windows to work in hybrid mode. Almost all programs and even some games will run on a virtual machine. Please note that virtualization software is quite demanding in terms of system resources.
VMWare Fusion (~80$)
VirtualBox (free)
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paragon ntfs

Paragon NTFS

This program provides write access to NTFS-partitions. For example, you have a Windows NTFS hard disk or a flash drive. Whilst you’ll be able to read the data on a Mac, you can’t write to the drive - and that’s where this program steps in. Shareware
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One of the best web browsers for Mac after Safari, Firefox’s strength is the ability to install various add-ons, plug-ins and themes. Amongst the most popular of these are:
DownThemAll - allows multiple files to be easily downloaded, bypassing Firefox’s built-in download manager. Large files – over 2000 MB – can cause the standard download manager to make Firefox hang up; not with DownThemAll.
DownloadHelper - download and conversion of videos from any sites, including YouTube.
Firebug – allows web-developers to analyze sites. Provides info on the speed of loading and code troubles, and allows changes to a site’s CSS code to be viewed immediately. There are also add-ons available for this plugin.
Web Developer – a toolbar for web developers featuring numerous options such as disabling graphics and cookies, resizing the browser window to different resolutions and provision of magnifier and ruler tools, as well as viewing CSS elements and forms.

More add-ons can be found on the official website:
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One of the best torrent clients for Mac. Transmission is very stable and allows the simultaneously download and seeding of a large number of torrents. Its settings allow for limiting the speed of download and seeding, changing priority order, and so on. Freeware Watch the Video Download


Use this tool for anonymous web surfing using the OpenVPN protocol. Freeware Watch the Video Download
little snitch

Little Snitch

This program is used to block outgoing connections, similar to a firewall for monitoring connections. The program is very useful for those working with pirated software as it prevents the data from these products from being sent out to check the legitimacy of your copy or for product updates. Shareware
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A great media player that supports almost all media formats. Features include an equalizer, playlists and the ability to increase media volume up to 400% (independent of system volume). VLC also supports DVD playback – including subtitles – and allows video screenshots. Freeware Watch the Video Download


A handy program for viewing various image formats, featuring image editing, copying and deleting tools. Very convenient for viewing photos. Freeware Watch the Video Download


Free software for burning CD and DVD optical media. Writes the formats: MAC + PC, PC (Joilet), MAC (HFS +), DVD (UDF). Burn can also be used in creating audio CDs, Mp3-CD, DVD-audio, VCD, SVCD, DVD-video, DivX and also for writing disk iso, mdf and dmg images. A great range of possibilities in a small and convenient utility. Freeware Watch the Video Download


Paid software similar to Burn, but offering even more possibilities in recording CD/DVD. Shareware
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Skype is a worldwide success story! A program for online communication that allows you to chat, talk or video-call your friends and family anywhere in the world for free, as well as making low cost calls to landlines and cell phones. As well as video-calls, Skype includes an option to show your desktop to the person you’re chatting with, which can be useful for giving computer support. Freeware Watch the Video Download


A replacement for the ICQ client. This is the best messaging software for Mac to date. Freeware Watch the Video Download


A nice free chat client for online communication. Supports IRC, SILC and ICB protocols.

irssi - (free, available through mac-ports)
Textual (~5$)
Quassel IRC (free)
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A utility for quick application search and launch. Just start typing the program name and within seconds your application will be up and running. No need to waste time searching in the Applications folder or Dock. Freeware Watch the Video Download


Dropbox helps to perform quick and easy file exchange and sharing between multiple computers, whatever OS they use - Mac, PC, Linux, or even mobile (iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android OS, Blackberry). Simple to set up and integrating seamlessly into your desktop, you will no longer need worry about using flash drives, internet upload or e-mail to share your files. The free service gives you a basic 2 Gb of space, with bonus space available if you also invite your friends to install Dropbox. Freeware Watch the Video Download
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